Erotic tantric massage for Dummies

Although yoni massage is each sensual and pleasurable, the intent is to not carry the lady to orgasm but to awaken her recognition of her personal sexuality and make a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner.

In Japan, shiatsu is controlled but oil massage and Thai massage usually are not. Although prostitution is against the law, prostitutes posing as massage therapists in trend health and fitness outlets and pink salons are rather popular while in the more substantial metropolitan areas.

For those who have time constraints, I'll always function within your timing, to make sure you satisfy your other commitments I run a NO RUSH provider, as I treatment about your wellbeing…I usually do not offer a conveyor belt assistance, so anything is prepared in your “Exceptional Oasis of Tantric Bliss”

In newbie settings, a basic objective area similar to a mattress or the ground is a lot more widespread. Aquatic massage and bodywork is performed with recipients submersed or floating in the warm-drinking water therapy pool.

Lots of my customers don’t want it to finish and Specific their perception of peacefulness and calmness in their mind while savoring the working experience…

Hope The brand new tantra and massage video clip's will likely be in keeping with the Establish up of Tanntra Strength from washing your body of your receiver, oiling the whole in the skin prior to a whole genital stimulation working with The complete of the body of your masseuse such as her delicate lips, tong and also the at any time so fascinating touch of her vagina. Windmil, Netherlands

The nozzles could typically be adjusted for height, direction, and temperature to suit the shopper's needs.

I am clean, fit and beautiful and might keep a dialogue about Substantially anything at all without difficulty. Searching ahead to speaking and hopefully Conference you.

It is based on the pseudoscientific[49] program of zones and reflex spots that purportedly replicate a picture of the body within the feet and arms, with the premise that these kinds of function consequences a Actual physical alter to the body.[50]

The primary experts that give therapeutic massage are massage therapists, athletic trainers, Bodily therapists and practitioners of many common Chinese and various japanese medicines. Massage practitioners get the job done in a number of health-related settings and could journey to private residences or organizations.

The Tantra texts and tantric methods involve an array of matters, this page mainly centered on spiritual matters, rather than of sexual character. On the other hand, states Gavin Flood, Tantrism is more identified in the West as being infamous for its antinomian things, stereotypically portrayed as a practice that's esoteric eroticism and ritualized sexual intercourse within the title of religion, one particular imbued with Liquor and offering of meat to intense deities.[103][104] This portrayal is not restricted to the Western creativity, nonetheless.

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Later on while in the 11th century copies were translated back into Latin, and all over again in the fifteenth and 16th generations, once they aided enlighten European Students as to your achievements of The traditional Greeks. This renewal with the Galenic tradition in the course of the Renaissance performed an important part within the rise of contemporary science.

Went there on Friday. The place was deserted, no other shoppers in sight as well as the spa seemed pretty old. Took the VIP space for 220k. Massage was ordinary. Girl average much too. She reported she worked there throughout the day As well as in Classic during the night time. I tipped her 100k for HJ (perhaps excessive)

What Does Body to Body Massage Mean?

A body to body massage is exceptionally tantalising in nature. This kind of tantric massage is the perfect tool for massage therapists for providing an ideal erotic massage. The large level of enjoyment and relaxation a customer may feel from the touch of the therapist, as well as the sensuous skin to skin contact, are ideal for unwinding the nerve endings and muscles. This also triggers a sufficient amount of anticipation, in addition to the possibility to have a healthy sex life. The increased level of anticipation helps in improving endorphin and testosterone or oestrogen secretion, which is excellent for the body. What precisely is a body to body massage in London? Today, we are going to talk about the essentials of a body massage, and attempt to comprehend why it is so advantageous for us.
What a body massage is all about
A complete body to body incall massage in London mostly includes a massage therapist massaging your body either with his/her hands, or with his entire body, or both. The therapist is at liberty to massage any part of a customer's body with any part of his or her body, with no inhibitions or hesitations. The whole process involves the olden massage methods that are still in usage, coupled with brand-new and improved methods of wise skin contact.
How the massage is performed
We will now have a look at the various actions associated with carrying out a body to body massage:
• Both the massage therapist as well as the client need to shower appropriately prior to the massage session can start.
• If the therapist is compliant enough, you can even ask him or her to join you in the shower so that you can have a first-hand experience of his or her touch before the session can begin.
• Pay a little extra and buy a massage oil of your choice. Massagetherapists usually carry their own set of oils, but they will also appreciate your choice. You can find a nice massage oil at a local pharmacy or natural medicine store. Make certain to warm the massage oil prior to using it, due to the fact that the heat will show to be helpful for your muscles, along with make skin contact and body on body motion a great deal simpler.
• The therapist will begin the session by rubbing her oil-covered hands on you. The hand motion will allow the muscles in your back and shoulders to unwind and release the tension and stress. From the shoulders, his/her hand will go up to your neck, which is frequently the storehouse for a great deal of stress and negative energy.
• The therapist will utilize his or her fingers to knead your arms and legs to help them relax. When your whole body has unwinded and has launched the suppressed stress and unfavorable energy, he or she will apply some hot massage oil onto his/her own body, in addition to your chest or your back.
• Once the oil has been properly applied, the therapist will rub his/her body onto your chest or back, in a similar movement to making love. However do not fret, the professionalism of these massage professionals will not allow things to go beyond a particular limitation. The only thing you will is the sensual excitement and relaxation of the therapist's body proceeding and rubbing versus your very own.

Advantages of A Body to Body Massage

Erotic body to body massage is a fantastic way to relax, connect and explore enjoyment with another person and in some cases choosing someone new adds to this level of excitement in whole new method. On the path of Tantra, we take pleasure in coming together to honour and celebrate the body as a temple of pleasure. This experience will permit you to check out sensual energy in brand-new methods and is also a wonderful start to either discovering how to hold or enabling to fully immerse yourself in a powerful orgasmic climax.
7 Benefits of an erotic Body to Body Massage are:
1) It awakens the senses and triggers whole-body recovery.
2) It allows you to explore enjoyment in brand-new and creative methods.
3) It uses eye contact, linked breathing and touch to boost intimacy.
4) It creates mindful connection in between the giver and the receiver.
5) It uses breath, noise and motion to awaken the full-body orgasm.
6) It disappears the illusion of separation and allows Oneness to emerge.
7) It is a wonderful start to being able to experience orgasmic sex.

Prepare a warm, quiet, comfortable location where you won't be disturbed for the next 1 -2 hours. The more time you can invest in a body to body massage the more intimate and effective the experience will be. This is about immersing yourself in the minute and not being interested in needless time pressures. Ensure all phones are turned off. Light some candle lights and put on some relaxing, soothing music. Tantric massage has to do with engaging all the senses.

The Heart Salutation
Begin with the Heart Salutation. It is an ancient tantric practice for acknowledging the Divine in each other as you participate in sacred time. Sit across from your partner and check out their eyes. Maintain eye contact throughout the remainder of the process. Extend your arms to the earth, palms together. Inhale and, keeping them together, bring your hands to your heart. Exhale, as you bow forward and acknowledge the Divine in each other. Inhale, as you straighten back up. Lastly, exhale as you enable your hands to return to the beginning position, pointed towards the earth.

The Bubble
The Bubble calls you into present moment awareness and develops a safe space where to offer a sexual massage. Make a bubble around you and your partner with your arms so that it surrounds both of you. Remove things from the bubble that will not serve this process (the past, diversions, anger, worry, etc.) Do this with a gesture, as if physically getting rid of an item, while mentioning out-loud what you are eliminating. Next, bring things into your bubble that will boost your connection (Love, determination, Presence, trust and so on) Once again, use gestures and spoken words. Here is 2 examples:
" I launch the past."
" I hire enthusiasm."

Share Your Desires, Fears and Boundaries
As soon as the bubble is produced, share your desires, worries and borders associated with offering and/or receiving an erotic massage. Someone speaks while the other individual listens, without judgment or commentary. Change roles. Here is an example:
" My desire is to remain link to erotic energy."
" My worry is that I may drop off to sleep and you might feel hurt or dissatisfied."
" My boundary is surface this practice by at 11 pm."

Healthy Boundaries
People often believe of limits as walls. Healthy borders are actually bridges that bring people together. Intimacy occurs when healthy limits are honoured. You feel safe, are open and present. Borders can alter, so check-in occasionally to see how you are feeling. If your boundary has changed, tell your partner. Please, don't expect them to read your mind. Also consider the masseuse, for her to perform a complete body to body massage she is going to be naked and vulnerable. Its normal to remain passive and allow the sensations to crash over you like waves of desire. Some masseuses prefer you to stay absolutely passive and to take pleasure in the time, others are more open to touch. However please concur and appreciate the borders of each other when starting the tantric body to body massage.

Providing an Erotic Body To Body Massage
As the body to body massage recipient you masseuse will enliven your senses, frequently preparing for the massage can be as fantastic an experience as the massage itself. Sometimes the masseuse will engage with you in a lively erotic dance while removing their clothes. They might ask you to to lay face-down on a, bed or blanket on the floor. It's important that you set the room temperature level at a comfy level as you and your masseuse will be naked throughout the massage so its crucial you are not warm and comfortable.

Now the masseuse will begin to link with you and at this moment will lay her hands on your body. Recognize this is an unique chance to honour and serve you. The masseuse will focus on you and often they will match their bathing to yours.
Next they will start to awaken your skin by lightly stroking it with plumes, with the ideas of her fingers. When you are ready, they will then cover their body and yours with non fragrant oil. Usage long, slow massage strokes they will being the tantric massage. Understand that they are rubbing more than the surface of their body. You are linking to them on several levels. It assists now to be encouraged to take deep breaths, make sounds and move your body. This enables the energy in the body to awaken, move and release. The masseuse will now utilize different parts of her body- her hair, her arms and breasts, to massage you. She will be spirited, curious and innovative.
About half-way through the allotted time, she will then, around half method (maybe earlier depending on you) as you to roll over and she will then revitalize you with a body to body massage along the front of your body with warm oil (it heats up due to the skin contact), again utilizing long strokes.
When you are ready they will provide to massage your genitals. In SkyDancing Tantra they call the vaginal area, "Yoni," which means "Cosmic Matrix" and the penis, "Vajra," which indicates "Thunderbolt." - Penis massage can also be called Lingam Massage. The masseuse will begin on the exterior of the have a peek at this web-site genitals with oil. Initially, she will be gentle and go slow. She will permit you time to release any tension in the location. She will pay attention to how you react when you become excited. Her function it to focus on exactly what offers you pleasure. She will attempt various strokes. She will check how comfortable you are and if any internal massage is prepared (terrified spot/ prostrate) this is a great time to check out that in a slow and stable method. She will determine just how much enjoyment you are feeling and if you are open to postponed/ multiple orgasms or if a develop up and release is much better for you. Her goal to to connect with compassion and appreciation.
After the experience, rest and unwind, take some water and feel the energy of your experience impact you favorably and take that with you.

5 Simple Statements About happy ending massage near me Explained

A essential issue of this sort of units was that they were being not easy to differentiate from the cellular phone porn assistance or "cell phone intercourse" exactly where feminine operators are compensated to arouse male customers and also have no intention of at any time courting them.

The apply of dating operates in opposition to some spiritual traditions, and the unconventional Hindu group Sri Ram Sena threatened to "force unwed couples" to marry, should they ended up identified courting on Valentine's Day; a fundamentalist leader reported "drinking and dancing in bars and celebrating this day has practically nothing to complete with Hindu traditions."[106] The risk sparked a protest by way of the Internet which resulted in cartloads of pink panties currently being despatched to your fundamentalist chief's Office environment.

You lean down and say softly at my ear... "Alright, now it's time to convert above..." Your breath on my cheek sends an electric pulse through my whole body. I am undecided how to proceed subsequent. I'm rather positive After i change above, you're going to have the capacity to see my rock-hard nipples, towel or not!

Like other women in my social circle, I've certain needs for a possible mate. He doesn't have for making Significantly much more than I do, but he must be carrying out at least in addition to I'm, and should be suitable with me, each morally and spiritually .

Also, the ladies are usually not nearly as pushing and in excess of-diligent than up while in the tourist area. Just give this Road a check out, the only real downside is that there is probably not anything else of interest in addition to the massage salons.

Regardless of whether you would like to use the skills you study to be an experienced tantric masseur or equally as a means of connecting with other men on a more spiritual amount, we do hope you come along, we predict you should be awesome. This is also an incredible session for men who are shy, because it should help them to find out the chances and aid to develop up self-assurance in them selves. The donation for this party is £50. You pay £ten now to substantiate your home and the equilibrium on arrival.

You will discover the legit Asian massages, the place the masseuse will not likely provide the HE. She's going to allow me to fondle myself, offer the oil and view me masturbate myself.

"You have to be open up to acquiring that kind of working experience and never precisely be delicate about this contact form what you wish." In regards to massage sex, the possibilities are large that you'll come upon fuzzy boundaries and ephemeral rules, and a person lady's violation can be An additional's fantasy.

They are so sensitive, I'm near crying out when quickly the complete towel is long gone, therefore you massage down my abdomen. At any time so softly you operate your fingers down my sides, till they discover my hips, and you start to rub them.

Chemistry along with your masseur is a essential factor, and one which are unable to constantly be controlled. However, if It really is present, the possibilities are infinite.

^ a b c d e f g Abigail Goldman (Wintertime 2010). "The guts of your Matter: On the internet or off, couples nonetheless must click". California Journal. Retrieved 2010-12-28. New Berkeley investigate demonstrates that on the web daters like one another a lot more ahead of they actually fulfill in man or woman—it's that to start with deal with-to-confront wherever items slide downhill, and typical daters report disappointment throughout the board, Permit down on all the things from seems to personality. 

Mother and father get to check the main points important to them and the couple can hook up at several amounts. Even though moms and dads and members of the family post the resumes of a potential bride or groom, ... 

John claims: April eighteen, 2012 at seven:23 am I’m a guy and over time have had many ‘happy endings’ pursuing a massage – some have already been additional memorable than Some others. It genuinely will depend on the skill in the masseuse obviously, but ‘happy endings’ are fairly sensual As well as in my expertise my orgasms are considerably more highly effective. My favorite masseuse only provides $20.00 to your massage. I have only had one particular massage along with her exactly where I didn’t Have a very ‘happy ending’ and it absolutely was like leaving out the product with a product cake The complete expertise is kind of something.

The Tha Phae Gate has become the areas With all the nicest atmospheres in Chiang Mai. A lot of cosy bars and dining places right here, and there’s also no shortage of massage salons. You will discover the women sitting outside, as usual, but it’s pretty challenging to say who will give a happy ending listed here.

The 2-Minute Rule for sexy massage happy ending

A vital trouble of these systems was which they had been hard to differentiate from a mobile phone porn services or "telephone sex" the place feminine operators are paid to arouse male shoppers and also have no intention of at any time dating them.

The exercise of courting operates from some spiritual traditions, and the radical Hindu group Sri Ram Sena threatened to "power unwed couples" to marry, when they were found courting on Valentine's Day; a fundamentalist chief mentioned "ingesting and dancing in bars and celebrating this day has very little to try and do with Hindu traditions."[106] The menace sparked a protest via the net which resulted in cartloads of pink panties getting despatched on the fundamentalist chief's Place of work.

As you can imagine that If you'd like a happy ending, you must go ahead and take Oil Massage. Thai Massage would operate, also, should you don’t like it that “slippery” but don’t have a foot massage while you don’t get A non-public massage location for that (so no extras).

Like other Ladies in my social circle, I've specified requires for a possible mate. He doesn't have to generate Considerably greater than I do, but he must be performing at the very least as well as I'm, and needs to be appropriate with me, the two morally and spiritually .

Today, Gals have long gone back to hunting their quarry – in individual and in cyberspace – with elaborate schemes intended to enable the deluded creatures to Assume They may be the hunters. ... 

It is actually, I’m Practically confident of this, the universally unpleasant reality about HE massages as well as like. So, I’m not so guaranteed it’s ideal to celebrate The reasoning right here.

A report in Psychology Currently discovered that homosexual Males were being attracted to Males within their late teens and early twenties and did not care A great deal about the standing of the prospective partner; alternatively, Actual physical attractiveness was the key.

It had been more than two hrs of unconditional erotic touching when she broke out in spasmodic vibrations and extreme writhing until she climaxed having a suppressed roar from deep inside her and finally rested in a cushty snuggled position right until she was back to earth once again.

... Forbidding experimental and serial courtship and sanctioning only arranged matches is partly a method of guarding the chastity of youngsters and partly a make a difference of furthering spouse and children interests... 

(Names are altered to shield the considerably less-than-harmless.) "Ladies are finally this review here acquiring relaxed with the concept that It is OK to truly feel erotic in what is actually by now a really erotic setting."

It make me anxious to touch (men particularly) people today I don't know, or are available in with a whim to relax or are available in for actual therapeutic perform. And it helps make me skeptical of every parlor I see whilst strolling down the street.

The truth on the issue is much more Gals acquire erotic or sensual massages than the general public is aware of.

Romantic encounters have been frequently described with French phrases like rendezvous or tête-à-tête. The German expression of Stelldichein (as translated by Joachim Heinrich Campes) is utilized to signify courting if the age of consent to relationship was rather substantial. German traditions to signify fans who satisfied in hiding have been described with terms like Fensterln (windowing) or Kiltgang (dawn stroll) used in Bavaria and Switzerland.

Your still left hand gradually snakes up my body till it finds my breast, and all over again I come to feel your solid fingers rubbing my nipples. To start with one side, then the other, while you go on to enjoyment my sexual intercourse with all your mouth as well as other hand.

The Definitive Guide to Tantric massage

What Is Tantric Massage?
Tantra massage is given from the heart. In a tantric massage, the whole body takes part and erotic zones can likewise be touched. A tantra massage takes place on the basis of equality and establishes an intimate connection between massage giver and receiver.

Tantric Massage is all about Loving touch
A tantric massage is a caring touch complete of attention and presence. Tantra massage is given from the heart. A lot of touch will take location through the hands (or body to body) it is actually love that touches. The hands of the giver are gotten in touch with his/her heart. The touch is loving, always focused on the wellness of the receiver. The recipient is likewise present, and gets active as well as feels (ultimately) from the heart. Be loving!

Filled with attention and presence during tantric massage
A tantra massage is a caring touch full of attention and existence. Don't look around or being busy with something else, no, your complete attention is on offering or getting the massage. Tantra massage is not about regular, set patterns are actually out of the concern.

A tantric massage isn't really about an established outcome
A tantric massage will always be different. You never know how it will end up. It is not the strategy or the desired sequence of massaging that is necessary, it has to do with what is appropriate/necessary. What/where does the recipient most need at the moment? What is great for her/him? Love understands what to do, love constantly has an appropriate response. And so the massage will be exactly that what is required. Sufficient is that the provider exists and keeps tuning in to his/her heart, to the frequencies of love. The divine likewise has its own strategy, you cannot "do" it.
Tantric massages therefore often take an extremely unexpected course. A tantric massage does not constantly have to be "great", ending in bliss.

Ways to get the finest from your tantric massage

Always with regard to limitations
We knew it for a long period of time, obviously, however considering that the #MeToo discoveries, some things have turned up worldwide of tantra massage. Masseurs (you do not hear that much about masseuses) who force their own sexual pleasure/lust on "customers". Of course, this has little to do with tantric massage. The safety of both giver and receiver constantly must be guaranteed. Loving attunement always comes initially.
Set clear borders beforehand
Every individual (other than when you are enlightened) has his limits. This is human and is also necessary (check out the post on securing limits. Believe in advance (both as giver and receiver) what your limits are. Make certain there is a correct intake, and a decent preparation (likewise with your lover/massage partner). Set clear limits in advance: about psychological limits, as well as take care for clearness about physical boundaries. It is a misconception that a tantric massage must always be naked, rubbish. With clothes on is likewise entirely okay (however hard to work with oil then). It is likewise a misunderstanding that a tantric massage need to be concentrated on the sexual parts of the body (breasts/sex), rubbish too. Personally, we have actually given/received lots of tantric massages just on the head. Likewise, in addition, in fact each cell is sensual, but you will be astonished.

Tantric massage is an energetic massage
Activate and let circulation easily
Activating and freeing the circulation of life energy (prana) is the primary part of tantra massage. In a tantric massage, the whole body participates and erotic zones can also be touched. In tantra massage we play with the activation of basic/ sexual/ psychological/ enthusiastic/ love/ production/ user-friendly energy.
Focused on the natural overjoyed state of being
There is a conversation going on whether tantra massage is part of "real" tantra. Well ... Tantra is an extremely practical, body-oriented movement, a vision of life intended at growing in love and awareness. As far as we are worried, tantra massage is one of them.
Normally resulting in a terrific physical, mental well-being
This is also the case with a tantra massage. A tantra massage is typically nice, often tasty. We, for that reason, welcome you to fully take pleasure in receiving ánd giving a tantric massage.

What Tantric massage isn't really?
There are lots of kinds of massage. Of course, all massages have certain practices and strategies in typical. There is a big distinction with e.g.:
* Relaxation massage (intended at relaxation).
* Sports massage (focused on the muscles).
* Erotic massage (targeted at pleasure complete satisfaction).
* (Body) treatment (focused on recovery).

Not Therapy
Well because you are really very energetic during/after the massage. A tantra massage is NOT a sensual massage either. It's a kind of fashion these days to see tantra massage as a treatment, however therapy is a profession apart.

The fundamentals of tantric massage.
For a comprehensive explanation, see the article on the fundamentals of tantric massage. In summary, the following basics stand out:
Tantra massage suggestions-- before you begin
* Develop a warm, confutable tantric massage area (this can be done easily on both an infall massage or an outcall massage).
* Provide great conditions (physically, however likewise mentally).
* Make clear contracts!
* start by getting naked together.

Tantric massage ideas-- during the massage.
* Start, stay, end connected to each other.
* Always keep your attention on the massage.
* Make certain your massage is demand totally free, don't push or require anything.
* Open your very own heart, and open the heart of the receiver.
* Trigger (sexual) energy and disperse it throughout the entire body.
* Do not only utilize your hands. Discover the body to body massage.
* Occasionally ... not do anything at all! Be 1000% present. Take pleasure in!
* Utilize your senses.
* Provide feedback (enjoyment noises?).
* Construct in integration (rest) minutes.

Need complimentary.
Some masseurs are more/mainly interested in what they themselves find pleasant, enjoyable, preferable. Though a tantra massage is not a work task, so as a provider you can likewise enjoy yourself, still the core is that you are there for the recipient. So forget your own "needs", stay away from your very own concerns and above all ... do not attempt to require anything. Nothing needs to be done, nothing is required! Once again, do not attempt to impose anything (your very own goal/body/needs/ sexuality) on the receiver! Tune in to exactly what the recipient needs. It is as it is, and it goes as it goes. Trust in love. Maybe you are dissatisfied when someone falls asleep. You might not be waiting on an emotional cry, however a tantric massage has no objective. No intended outcome. It is exactly what it is. Accept that.
Tantra massage tips-- after the massage.
* Take adequate time to process, to let the massage settle.
* Take time to exchange your experiences.
* Understand that a tantric massage can have an impact for days. Be careful/alert.
* Do not right away go "full-on". Take your time and rest after the massage.

10 essential tantra massage tips (insights/rules).

* Do not work towards an objective. We get asked all the time, it this a happy ending massage? Yes it can be, it generally is but there is no pressure for you to carry out, this is about letting that energy circulation.
* Respect limits, set clear boundaries in advance. Our masseuses are primarily very open minded - they are naturally due to the fact that of the nature of their work but they are masseuses - not escorts.
* Keep the dreams of the recipient in mind, of course. Understand that it can turn out in a different way.
* It is always an energetic massage. Start with a fantastic read the heart.
* Activate sexual energy. Stimulate the entire body. Being excited is typical and preferable.
* Self-love and awareness (at the recipient) are crucial! A lot can come up.
* Be alert to restored freezing moments. Prevent limitations from being crossed once again.
* Step by step ending up being freer ... Growing trust ... fine. However beware: no sex! Practice makes perfect. Delighting in the restored balance and connection between sex and heart.
* Provide feedback (e.g. satisfaction noises) and provide integration moments (just not doing anything).
* Tantra massage is more than sexual fulfillment, still: can Yoni or Lingam massage happen?

Do not release, but recharge.
This is how you experience heart orgasm and body orgasm.
By this we suggest don't rush towards the climatic ending, hold it, be in the moment, let that sexual energy build and flood your whole body.

Possible effects of tantric massage.
Provides peace and relaxation.
Tantric massage is a massage that gets you out of your head. During/after the massage it becomes quiet in your head (in some cases entirely empty).
Brings your life energy into movement.
Tantrix massage brings you the experience of wonderfully flowing life energy. The tantric touch is healthy, massage has a prospective healing effect. Even though tantra massage is not the very same as healing, this release might heal some blockades.
Makes you soft and loving.
Tantra massage opens your body and your heart. You end up being more caring, you learn what it resembles to like yourself. You experience that everything, including your sexuality, can be there, without judgment. And that offers a wonderfully liberating and deeply satisfied feeling.
Is enjoying.
You will feel comfy in your body. The mix of relaxation and a lot of energy indicates that you can enjoy yourself, your body, your energies.

Simply put, tantric massage is ...
* A caring touch.
* Filled with attention and existence.
* The whole body gets involved.
* Energetic massage, including sexual energy.
* Without basic type, without predefined outcome.
* With regard to (mutual) boundaries.
* Develops a (heart) connection between the provider and receiver.
* Focused on the natural, ecstatic state of being of the recipient.
* Normally resulting in a fantastic physical, psychological well-being (of both).

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